10cm x 15cm, marker on glass, 2012-2013, Tonio Mundry

In the series "Homemade" Tonio Mundry leads his engagement with the digital flood of images of the World Wide Web and the associated psychosocial factors. As in the other series, "This series has been produced electronically and is valid without signature" and "Paradise" he uses the glitches, the transmission error and various interference in the existing motifs to develop their own aesthetic. "Homemade" deals with the phenomenon of "selfies," the often bizarre and pornographic self-representation on the Internet. The obsessive urge to publish the wishful thinking of yourself as many "likes" and virtual applause to harvest, made a rather disturbing picture of our media and consumer society. Tonio Mundry takes these pictures of its sometimes grubbylooking context of the Internet and transforms it "cleaned" in the sphere of art. To emphasize the process of "cleaning", he uses the material glass as image carrier. The multiple layer glass paintings are two and a half-D paintings, almost objects that have by analog application of the individual image pixels a very particular aesthetic while developing a real individuality, before they may enter from the protected, private space of the artist into the public-space. After the process of transforming the images obtain something mysterious, which was not there before, but constitutes the charm of image viewing.